Laptop Battery Monitor

Laptop Battery Monitor for Windows

Tool that is used to monitor laptop battery

Laptop Battery Monitor is a tool that is used to monitor your laptop battery, telling you exactly your battery will run out or be fully charged. With this tool, you won't have to keep on guessing on how long your laptop battery will last. You can just check the information in hours, minutes and seconds. Laptop Battery Monitor has many features to give you the convenience of knowing the battery life of your laptop. It displays the remaining time of the battery when you are charging and when running on batteries. It has a customized color indicator and it sounds to alert you when your laptop battery starts charging, is full charged or is about to fluctuate. This tool works with all laptops, whether new or old. It is easy to use with all the manuals included in the software. This tool is a great help for all who needs to use their laptop everyday either for work or pleasure.

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Laptop Battery Monitor


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